Pre-engineered & Prefabricated Buildings

Alleviate the need to hire costly architects and
engineers to design your project. We can fabricate your building to your specifications so the
installation time on site is to a minimum.

Delivery in a Box

Once the box arrives to your site, insulation is
fast and convenient.

Installation of your Office out of box

Facts Prove Modular Installation is up to 50%
faster than using a General Contractor built

Tax Benefits

Under most conditions Modular Systems can
be Depreciated in 7 Years as Opposed to
Conventional Construction at 39 Years

Greater Cost Savings

You can save up to 30% with Modular Construction over Conventional Construction. No
need to Manage dozens of Sub-Contractors,
in and out of your Facilities

Time Savings

Modular Systems are Designed and Installed
with Creative Solutions to complete you
project Affordable and Fast. Creating a Convent Solution for Your Office needs.